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Minor League Ball's Colorado Rockies Top 20 Prospects

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  1. Franklin Morales, LHP, Grade A-
  2. Casey Weathers, RHP, Grade B+
  3. Ian Stewart, 3B, Grade B
  4. Hector Gomez, SS, Grade B
  5. Christopher Nelson, SS, Grade B
  6. Dexter Fowler, OF, Grade B-
  7. Greg Reynolds, RHP, Grade B- (Would rank higher but worried about health)
  8. Juan Morillo, RHP, Grade B-
  9. Brandon Hynick, RHP, Grade B-
  10. Seth Smith, OF, Grade B-
  11. Eric Young Jr, 2B, Grade B-
  12. Dan Mayora, INF, Grade B-
  13. Brian Rike, OF, Grade B-
  14. Pedro Strop, RHP, Grade C+ (tough grade, could be B-)
  15. Chaz Roe, RHP, Grade C+ (arm to rank higher but command??)
  16. Joe Koshansky, 1B, Grade C+
  17. Will Harris, RHP, Grade C+
  18. Aneury Rodriguez, RHP, Grade C+
  19. Connor Graham, RHP, Grade C+
  20. Jhoulys Chacin, RHP, Grade C+
Our PuRPs list put three relievers in the top 20, though Weathers came in at nine and Strop came in ahead of Morillo. Sickels includes Harris as the fourth reliever in his top 20. EY Jr. and Daniel Mayora occupy higher back-to-back slots than they do in the PuRPs list.

Sickels on Stewart in his 2007 Top 50 Hitters Review:

26) Ian Stewart, 3B, Colorado Rockies Hit .304/.379/.478 with 15 homers for Triple-A Colorado Springs. Has settled in as a solid prospect but not a spectacular one.
And on Morales in his 2007 Top 50 Pitchers Review:
17) Franklin Morales, LHP, Colorado Rockies Went 5-4, 3.51 with 93/58 K/BB in 113 innings between Double-A and Triple-A. Looked very good in major league trial, with electric stuff from left side.