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Tuesday Morning Rockpile: The Arbitration Game

There hasn't been much progress in new deals for those Rockies eligible for arbitration:

"We have had talks, some disagreements, but it's that time of year," O'Dowd said. "We might have a couple of hearings. There's still time, though."

If anything, none of the five will reach a deal before the Friday deadline to submit an arbitration figure. So who'll wind up going to arbitration with the team? Holliday seems almost a given. Hawpe or Taveras? Doesn't appear that either is asking for the moon. Atkins or Fuentes? Well, should the Rockies double the number of arbitration hearings they've had in the franchise's history, it'll be one of these two. Fuentes wants to be paid as if he is still a closer, meaning arbitration would would get him more than what the Rockies apparently are offering right now. At least we know that when we're discussing potential arbitration cases Spring Training is almost upon us.

A fan asks Thomas Harding about Omar Quintanilla's chances of winning the second base job in the latest Official Site mailbag. Check back next week when there's a question about Marcus Giles and the wide-open position of second base, no?