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Thursday Morning Rockpile:

Jim Armstrong makes a case for signing Holliday to a long term contract. I'm usually opposed to this idea for corner outfielders, but Matt's kind of on the border for me. I don't think a long term offer should be made this winter, and want to wait until I see how our minor leaguers look this summer before signing off on giving him Helton/Hampton money. Even then, I really worry about how a guy the size of Holliday is going to age, and that we'd have to move him to first base down the road.

Thinking more about it, and considering how lackluster our other first base prospects are at this point, when Helton's contract is up, Matt might actually be our best first base option if Stewart's at third like he should be. Holliday's bat should age a lot better than Atkins' or Hawpe's will, so of the three he's definitely the one to keep if you had a choice. We'd then have space in the outfield for Fowler and Hector Gomez or Chris Nelson with the other of those last two manning second base. I guess it's something to consider this summer, but I don't see an urgency to make a move right now.