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Sunday Morning Rockpile: It's almost done

The Denver Post is reporting that the Rockies and Tulowitzki need only to overcome small details before consummating this long-term deal. That club option for a seventh year appears certain now, and it would buy out the second year of free agency.

Troy E. Renck also finds that Tulo and the troika of Francis, Morales, and Jimenez are what will be the most important parts for the Rockies' continued success. And the following sums up why Renck would go that route:

"All I care about is how this team does," Tulowitzki told me [Renck] recently.

It's been a good couple of days, no?

Update [2008-1-20 20:44:31 by Russ]: Report: Tulo just needs to pass his physical for deal to be completed.