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Wednesday Morning Rockpile:

I'm going to have to put this up quickly, but I'll be back with more stuff later this morning.

Troy Renck tells aout how Ubaldo Jimenez has put on fifteen pounds and seems aware that control is holding him back from the next level. Holliday was right in that our season in 2008 depends largely on how Jimenez and Morales develop, with Greg Reynolds being the largely unnoticed plan B.

The Rockies will announce Troy Tulowitzki's deal today after he takes (and passes presumably) his physical. Jack Etkin also notes the addition of one more Spring game against the Mexican National all star team that the official site announced yesterday.

Bernie Lincicome spouts some more stuff about things he doesn't really grasp, this time having to do with the Rockies, I think. Last season was thrilling, our September comeback highly unlikely, but I really don't believe it could be called a fluke.

Update [2008-1-23 13:29:54 by Rox Girl]:

David Pinto evaluated our offense using the Marcels projection and his own lineup tool. We come out alright, but as a matter of full disclosure I'm willing to bet that the lineup included Marcus Giles at second rather than Jayson Nix, who I know wouldn't project well. That's okay, I think Giles' Marcels projection might be a semi-accurate estimation of where I feel Nix will actually wind up in wOBA, which means I take this as a fairly realistic look at our team's offense heading into Spring. Keep in mind that the Rockies gain a lot more from their bench than other NL West squads -Smith, Spilborghs, Stewart and Iannetta all have strong projections- that won't be reflected in a look at solely the starting nine.