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Thursday Morning Rockpile:

Everybody seems in a good mood in the wake of the Troy Tulowitzki deal, with Tulo, Holliday and Atkins exchanging some friendly and amusing banter. Even Mark Kiszla's impressed by the Monfort's opening the purse-strings in this deal.

Of course, with the contract come expectations, as Jack Etkin and Kiszla point out. Dave Krieger goes into a little more detail on what those expectations are from a revenue standpoint for the Monforts. It would be foolish to look at just 2008 as there's just too much variability to bank everything on one season, but instead take a broader view of the next two or three years. I'm trying to do that right now with a longer post that will be up in a few minutes that looks historically at some of baseball's great September comeback teams to see what happened to them and what we should expect. Are there are any really comparable situations to the one the Rockies find themselves in right now? I think there might be.