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Friday Morning Rockpile:

-- Brad Hawpe may be the next player to sign a long-term deal with the Rockies. The Rockies, according to the article, would be interested in a four-year deal, and Hawpe wants to be a Rockies lifer. Seems like a match for both sides.

Of all the guys who have signed long-term contracts, are attempting to negotiate one, or will try to do so in the future, Hawpe is the one player I wouldn't be too upset over losing to free agency in a few years. Yes, he is part of the core group of players, but he does get lost among the others.

-- For any wondering why there has been no talk of a long-term deal for Garrett Atkins, Tracy Ringolsby answers a reader's question on that subject:

Robbie Doty wonders, "Why hasn't Garrett Atkins' name come up in discussions about the Rockies extending long-term contracts?"

Robbie, Atkins was approached a year ago about the possibility of a multiyear deal and wasn't interested. At this point, it appears the Rockies are looking into the possibility with other players to see their interest. Signing a player to a multiyear deal is not a one-sided event. The player has to buy into the idea. The team provides the long-term financial security, which is its risk.

In return, the player realizes that he won't make as much money as if he were to go year to year and get maximum market value, which is his risk.

And with Ian Stewart available to take over third base should Atkins not receive the money he wants from the Rockies in a long-term deal, there won't be a lengthy search to find his replacement (replacing Atkins' production, obviously, is another matter). Though, as some of the discussion from yesterday brought up, keeping Atkins around may be a good idea in case he needs to shift to the other side of the diamond (a subject that's been around for some time).

-- Clint Hurdle offers some thoughts on the upcoming season for the Rockies in Patrick Saunders' latest article. The batting order will still feature Holliday third and Helton fourth.

-- Tulo essentially has a no-trade clause since he can void the deal if he's ever traded.