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Thursday Morning Rockpile:

Todd Helton had his jersey retired by the Volunteers in Knoxville, yesterday. There's no doubt a similar ceremony will happen a few years from now in Denver.

As Tracy Ringolsby originally reported last Friday, Brad Hawpe and the Rockies are still looking for a four year deal and Troy Renck adds that Jason Bay's 2006 contract with the Pirates might be a good reference point as a comparable deal. Renck also says that the Rockies are interested in something long term for Manny Corpas, which goes counter to what Thomas Harding was reporting in his mailbag the other day, but jives with other accounts that we've read. Read the comment from titan in yesterday's Rockpile regarding what Jeff Bridich said about Corpas, for instance, and you can start to get a sense of why the team would put this kind of emphasis on a reliever.

Dayn Perry sees our flaw at second base, apparently it's a sizable enough blemish that the concealer stick just won't cover it. Hey, at least Perry sees us as a contender this year. I think given the small expectations that everybody has for that second base position heading into Spring, that we are almost certain to be pleasantly surprised by the outcome. I hope that if this is the case, that we don't get too attached to whoever it is that does the surprising. Our lowered hopes mean that we'll be more than satisfied with mediocrity (similarly to what happened with Kaz) but let's not get married to it.