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PuRPs poll; for real this time

Okay, so we had plenty of time to discuss and think over who we like as our favorite prospects, and over the next couple of days you'll be able to add a couple more authoritative sources to your research as John Sickels and Project Prospect are both set to post their Rockies lists. After days of mulling it over, here's mine:

  1. Franklin Morales
  2. Hector Gomez
  3. Ian Stewart
  4. Dexter Fowler
  5. Chris Nelson
  6. Greg Reynolds
  7. Casey Weathers
  8. Seth Smith
  9. Brandon Hynick
  10. Brian Rike
  11. Pedro Strop
  12. Joe Koshansky
  13. Michael McKenry
  14. Esmil Rogers
  15. Chaz Roe
  16. Juan Morillo
  17. Helder Velazquez
  18. Jhoulys Chacin
  19. Daniel Mayora
  20. Aneury Rodriguez
  21. Keith Weiser
  22. Jayson Nix
  23. Josh Newman
  24. Shane Lindsay
  25. Eric Young Jr.
  26. Jonathan Herrera
  27. Ryan Speier
  28. Everth Cabrera
  29. Corey Wimberly
  30. Cory Riordan
Changes from the last version I had in the pre-discussion thread include Everth Cabrera and Cory Riordan bumping Zack Murry and Michael Paulk out, one for being too far away compared to the closer Cabrera, one for not having quite the ceiling I'd like for the position he plays. That said, after my D-backs discussion with the Snakepit, I'm liking the thought of having Paulk in our system more and more. His bat is quicker than Joe Koshansky's -even if it doesn't generate the same lift/power- so he provides a nice potential alternative to Joe in this regard in the case Koshansky doesn't pan out.

Update [2008-1-9 10:19:9 by Rox Girl]:

Polls are now closed