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Beyond the Rockies

Well, at least the Rockies didn't go in the wrong direction by bring Elmer Dessens back after his August-September stint with the team. That honor goes to the Pittsburgh Pirates, who signed Dessens to a minor-league deal yesterday. According to the article, it's a good bet that Dessens will make the team as a reliever, even if more pitchers are brought in. How long has Pittsburgh been rebuilding?

Back in November the Angels and White Sox swapped Orlando Cabrera for Jon Garland. Maybe Tony Reagins and Kenny Williams would do business again. Early yesterday morning it looked as if something might occur: Paul Konerko to the Angels for Ervin Santana and Howie Kendrick, or Chone Figgins and others in another package. Then Kenny Williams denied any discussions with the Angels. If Williams isn't just using GM talk, like Reagins did in the second link, well, I wouldn't want to be that source in the article. Casey Kotchman and Kendry Morales must be breathing a sigh of relief right now.

Beyond the Boxscore interviewed Paul DePodesta, currently a special assistant in the Padres front office.

Dex from Gaslamp Ball started a new blog on SB Nation, Uncommon Sportsman, which covers sports you don't think are sports. Beer pong, parkour, comedy endurance--not sports.