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Remembering Rocktober: NLCS Game #2, or The Game Didn't Want To End But Did

I had something written here, but then my browser messed up and it all went away. So, I'll just recommend that you look at both game threads to get a feel again for that night: Game Thread # 1. Game Thread #2. So many of those comments are quite amusing. Though reading through the comments, at some point that day I must have told Silverblood that the game was going to go into extra innings since she said I called it. Now, I didn't see a comment I made on the site saying that, so I must have made it earlier in the day when I spent the afternoon with her. Funny that it actually did turn out that way.

I think I only got one hour of sleep that night. Between three and six, I fell asleep three times for about 20 minutes each time. I had to wake up early the next day since I was helping out at a history conference the next day. I didn't fall asleep at all during the day. Watching the Rockies reach halfway to an NLCS victory couldn't be passed up.