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Pre-Purple Row Prospects Voting Discussion

It's been far too long since we created our last Purple Row Prospects List (what's up with that, Rox Girl?). Just to review, here's our last one:

Top 30 PuRPs

1. Ian Stewart
2. Dexter Fowler
3. Greg Reynolds
4. Jhoulys Chacin
5. Casey Weathers
6. Franklin Morales
7. Seth Smith
8. Chris Nelson
9. Hector Gomez
10. Brandon Hynick
11. Chaz Roe
12. Aneury Rodriguez
13. Brian Rike
14. Darin Holcomb
15. Esmil Rogers
16. Michael McKenry
17. Jonathan Herrera
18. Eric Young Jr.
19. Pedro Strop
20. Cory Riordan
21. Shane Lindsay
22. Joe Koshansky
23. Keith Weiser
24. Josh Newman
25. Will Harris
26. Juan Morillo
27. Everth Cabrera
28. Connor Graham
28. Corey Wimberly
30. Jeff Kindel

Join me after the jump.

We'll need to make some changes to this list right away. First, let's eliminate those who are no longer eligible for the list. We use rookie eligibility to determine who can receive votes. That means those with less than 50 innings pitched or 130 at-bats or 45 days on the active roster before rosters expand in September.

Those who are no longer eligible due to the above criteria are Ian Stewart (1), Greg Reynolds (3), Franklin Morales (5), and Seth Smith (7). Josh Newman (24) is no longer eligible since he's no longer with the organization.

Here are some topics of discussion:

  • Who's the new #1: Dexter Fowler or Jhoulys Chacin? I'll fall on the side of Fowler, as he's closer to the majors (well, has already made the majors). I want to see what happens when Chacin meets Double-A hitters.
  • How far does Casey Weathers drop? Had he not needed TJ surgery, Weathers would have stayed in the top five on this list.
  • Brandon Hynick muddled his way through Double-A--will he stay around #10 or will he drop a bit?
  • Where do the 2008 draftees come in? Christian Friedrich will be in my top 3, Charlie Blackmon will be somewhere between 10-20, and Delta Cleary may make an appearance near the bottom.

Voting will start over the weekend.