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Friday Rockpile: Rockies TV ratings drop; Rox like layoff worries Phils

Winning the NLCS in 2007 didn't translate to more success in one key measure of fan support for the Rockies in 2008. According to Denver Business Journal, television ratings for Rockies games were off by five and a half percent this year. The team's sluggish start probably had a lot to do with this, but as the journal notes, viewership for baseball was down across the league this year.

The Phillies are well aware of the Rockies fate in 2008 after an eight day layoff between the NLCS and the World Series, and hope to avoid the same fate. Momentum in baseball seems to have only anecdotal evidence, but as Nolan Ryan indicates in this article, baseball players definitely seem to believe in it, and the psychological handicap might be worth a small margin for the opposing team.

Tracy Ringolsby mentions several candidates for the Rockies coaching vacancies after his article on the decisions facing the Dodgers this offseason. Among the notes are that Walt Weiss might turn out the Rockies hitting coach position and that former Mets manager Willie Randolph is another candidate for the Rockies bench coach position. Also noted are the free agency of Valerio De Los Santos and three prominent Latin American signees from this past summer.