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Purple Row Prospects (PuRPS) List, #11-#20

Here's the second installment of the PuRPs List:

Purple Row Prospects (PuRPs) List, #11-#20
Rank Player Points
t-11 Aneury Rodriguez 200
t-11 Hector Gomez 200
13 Wilin Rosario 184
14 Keith Weiser 163
15 Darin Holcomb 158
16 Chaz Roe 154
17 Joe Koshansky 114
18 Shane Lindsay 113
19 Delta Cleary 101
20 Cory Riordan 99

Delta Cleary is the second of the 2008 draftess to appear on this list. He's one of the players I'll be following very closely in 2009. Wilin Rosario appeared on all 10 ballots submitted, but placed all over them. Let's see him build upon what he started in 2008. Hector Gomez and Aneury Rodriguez fell two points short of making the top 10. Gomez missed the entire 2008 season.

I'll have a Pebble Report update soon.