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Friday Night Open Playoff Thread

We will do some more Rocktober reminiscing through the weekend, but I wanted to put something up today. We've got two AL contests tonight, the White Sox are currently out in front of Tampa Bay and the Angels/Red Sox Game 2 starts later. While the NL is off tonight, the Dodgers have made the NL West 8-0 against the rest of the league over the last two seasons by going up two games on the Cubs. Ha! That'll show all you East Coast elite punks for dissing our division in a down year.

Tracy Ringolsby put the brakes on the fire Hurdle speculation. Further indication that Willy Taveras is likely to be non-tendered if he isn't traded is given later in the notes section as well as a rundown of the five prospects in Tulsa and Colorado Springs to get recognition by Baseball America for being among the top 20 in their leagues. Chief among them Dexter Fowler, who was voted as the Texas League's top prospect over a couple of solid alternatives.