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Friday Rockpile: Coaching picture clarifies, Lindsay shows progress in head game

Tracy Ringolsby updates the Rockies quest to fill their coaching vacancies, with Jim Wright apparently set to move into the bullpen coach slot, and Tom Runnels, Rene Lacheman and Rich Dauer also being prominently mentioned. Despite being passed over for the Brewers managerial post and hence becoming seemingly more available, former Mets skipper Willie Randolph doesn't seem likely to make the cut for the bench coach job, but former Rockies manager Don Baylor still seems prominent. Ringolsby says the decisions will have to wait until after next week's GM meetings.

Kary Booher at Baseball America has a story on Shane Lindsay's efforts to come back after a wake-up call off the field this season. The Rockies are going to have to make a couple of tough decisions with the 40 man roster in the next month, with Lindsay and Eric Young Jr making strong cases to be given spots or risk being lost in the rule 5 draft, Dan O'Dowd and the Rockies will likely have to make a move or two to clear up some space. With Livan Hernandez and Adam Melhuse still taking up space on the 40, there are a couple of built in easy decisions, but if the Rockies are expecting to get major league ready talent back for trading Garrett Atkins or Matt Holliday, harder decisions will likely be forthcoming.

The GM meetings are the hot stove league's opening ceremonies, with a lot of early rumors coming out there, a couple sometimes materialize into actual deals, so we'll be keeping close tabs on the gossip mills then.