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Monday Rockpile: It's not a (Matt) Holliday for the Cardinals

It appears as though the Cardinals are out of the Matt Holliday sweepstakes . . . for now. The Cardinals' GM, John Mozeliak, is sure on that:

Mozeliak insisted Sunday that discussions involving Colorado Rockies left fielder Matt Holliday have ceased and that "nothing is imminent. That one’s not happening — at all."

Mozeliak goes on to say that the talks were definitely serious in nature but that some of the news swirling around those discussions were "misleading."  Mozeliak doesn't specify what was misleading, but it may have been the players involved in the deal. At the very least, Mozeliak thought Matt Holliday≠Ryan Ludwick + Skip Schumaker + Mitchell Boggs. As we've witnessed over the last few days, there are quite a number of opinions on that

Dan O'Dowd says "things are fluid" on the Matt Holliday Front. The battle tactics of the Matt Holliday Front are give and take now.

Here's a list of the Rockies' minor league free agents. You can find every team's minor league free agents here.

Colorado Rockies (18)
Darren Clarke (AA), Simon Ferrer (Hi A), Josh Hall (AA), Zach McClellan (AA), Tomas Santiago (AA), Sean Smith (AAA), Edward Valdez (AAA), Oscar Villarreal (AAA)
C: Humberto Cota (AAA), Brian Esposito (AA), Nelson Robledo (Hi A)
2B: Gary Cates (AA), Mike McCoy (AAA)
3B: Tony Blanco (AA)
SS: Doug Bernier (AAA)
OF: Sean Barker (AAA), Tom Collaro (AA), Lino Garcia (Hi A)

Given that these guys have reached free agency as minor leaguers, losing any of them isn't too much of a big deal. We'll have nothing to show for trading away Jamey Carroll if Sean Smith takes a walk somewhere else. Knuckleballer Simon Ferrer seemed to hit a wall this season in Modesto; if the Rockies don't bring him back, he'll catch on somewhere.