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Reports: Matt Holliday on verge of being traded to Oakland Athletics

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According to Sports Illustrated's John Heyman, Matt Holliday has been traded to Oakland in exchange for... somebody. We'll update as the story unfolds, the Rockies were interested previously in Justin Duchscherer as well as others.

UPDATE [Rox Girl]: ESPN is reporting pitcher Greg Smith was "one of the players under discussion". Update to the update: pitcher Brett Anderson may be involved.

UPDATE #2 [Russ]: Ken Rosenthal of FoxSports reports:

Over the weekend, the teams discussed A's outfielder Carlos Gonzalez, left-hander Greg Smith and reliever Huston Street, according to one source, but it is not known if any or all of those players will be included in the package for Holliday.

UPDATE #3 [Russ]: Yahoo reports the Rockies will receive might receive Huston Street, Carlos Gonzalez, and Greg Smith.

UPDATE #4 [Russ]: Reported in the Denver Post, Holliday "thinks the deal is done."

UPDATE #5 [Russ]: Per the San Francisco Chronicle, Greg Smith is flying to Denver within the next day or two.

UPDATE #6 [Russ]: CBS Sportsline: Street could be dealt to another team.