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Thursday Rockpile: Aaron Heilman whisper, "new" Rockies blog and a top 15 prospect list

Aaron Heilman

#48 / Pitcher / New York Mets





Nov 12, 1978

The Rockies are the one specified team out of six purportedly still interested in Aaron Heilman in this Daily News piece about him expressing a desire to start or get traded. The tricky part would seem to be that the Rockies don't really have any more vacancy in their starting rotation than the Mets do. If we're assuming that Jimenez, Cook and Francis have three spots locked up, and last half JDLR comes back to take a fourth, is Heilman any better than Greg Smith for the fifth slot? That's even before considering the possibility of rebounds by Hirsh, Reynolds or Morales. At best he'd be competitive for one of those last two slots, but the far more likely scenario has the Rox using him in middle relief just like the Mets are.

Neal at Purple Rox Squad has informed me of his blog, which has been up and running for some time now, but I just never stumbled onto it. He takes a pretty thoughtful and thorough look at the team.

Alex Eisenberg at Baseball-Intellect has made his Rockies Top 15 prospect list. A lot of good information is here even though there may be a couple of minor points of disagreement, be sure to poke around the site to scout the enemy camps of LA and Arizona while you're there (1-5, 6-15).