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Tuesday Morning Rockpile: The Matt Holliday Trade Watch

Matt Holliday won't be in Denver this offseason, as he's moved closer to Scott Boras's Newport Beach, Ca. offices. But, in no way are we supposed to take that as an indication that Holliday won't be a Rockie soon. Possibly selling his house in Denver, on the other hand?

I'll buy into Holliday's decision to move to Newport Beach, so that he can train at the Sports Institute. At the same time, the article also mentions this:

But there is a feeling among his teammates that Holliday is ready to make the next move in his career. He was uncomfortable with growing talk about his contract situation during the summer and knows if he returns in 2009, there will be constant speculation.

If he's uncomfortable about talk surrounding his contract, how will Holliday feel if he comes to New York and discovers that the talk will be centered on more than just his contract? Maybe somewhere smaller will be a better fit for Matt . . . such as Oakland, whom Troy E. Renck believes could get involved.

Do you agree with Renck's assessment at the end of the last link?

There's no perfect deal when trading a star. But anything less than a good deal could set the Rockies back for years.