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Monday Rockpile: Arbitration Deadline Day

There isn't much news on the Colorado Rockies' end for arbitration. Brian Fuentes will receive an offer for arbitration before the deadline at midnight ET, ensuring the Rockies draft pick compensation should Fuentes not accept the offer. Still, Fuentes has scheduled a visit with the New York Mets. I wonder if Citi Field will be a big selling point. Or should I call it, as NYC councilmen from Staten Island want to, Citi/Taxpayer Field?

Anyway, the Rockies have a total of six free agents, and only Fuentes will receive an offer for arbitration. Matt Herges, Livan Hernandez, Adam Melhuse, Scott Podsednik, and Glendon Rusch won't recieve arbitration since they don't yield draft picks. However, Podsednik and Rusch remain of interest to the Rockies, as the first link reminds us.

And maybe the most important thing mentioned in the first link is that the Rockies want Ryan Spilborghs to play center field in Mexico so he can prepare for an everyday role in 2009.