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Friday Rockpile: DePo Needs some edumacatin'

A certain pet peeve of many baseball nerds (and as a blogger I have to say this with loving familiarity) as well as baseball media has to do with an understanding that there aren't really many Roman numerals involved, anywhere in the sport. In particular, a certain December event that frequently gets misrepresented with a Roman numeral drives them kind of batty. So I'm just waiting for somebody to have the guts to call out Padres assistant GM Paul DePodesta on this. Seriously people, when I started blogging about what the Rockies did in the RULE V draft a few years ago, there was somebody there to point out what an idiot I was talking about an event that didn't exist. So sure, you let it slide because it's your hero DePo? I think his penalty should be to have to give Everth Cabrera back. I mean it. Give him back. 

Not that I'm above reproach anymore:

Telemachus (Milwaukee): What is the story with Franklin Morales? Rockies plans for him? Is he available, change of scenery like Bailey? I believe he was in your top 10 prospects to start the year. 

SportsNation Keith Law: He was, but I don't think his arm is 100%. His velo was down and his command was in the tank. I do remember writing about him after seeing him in March, only to have a Rockies fan tell me that the reduced velo was part of the Rockies' pitching coach's plan for Morales. That worked out. It also sounds like the excuses for K-Rod's velo drop.

Pbbbthtththttt....  Yeah, that's about all I can do on that, when he's right, he's right. Congrats to Mr. Law on his inclusion to the BBWAA...

Willy Taveras is expected to be non-tendered and become a free agent today, looking at other potential non-tenders that could match up with the Rockies needs shows there are a few intriguing names. A couple of September and Todd Helton flashbacks aside, Takashi Saito tops my list, which means he probably tops every GM's list, which means he's probably unaffordable to the Rockies, but there are a few guys I wouldn't mind pulling in on a minor league invite and a couple more that I'd even go so far as offering a big league contract to.