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Tuesday Rockpile: San Diego Padres Up For Sale

San Diego Padres' owner John Moores is getting a divorce from his wife, Becky. In a move that has been speculated for some time, Moores plans on selling the team as a result of the divorce. Goldman Sachs will help Moores find a buyer for the team. However, Moores' attempt at selling the team has nothing to do with the team's payroll and youth movement:

"Most of our 2009 approach is a function of the economy and the fact that we lost 99 games last year," Alderson said. "And thirdly, we're seeing the emergence of young players who we'd like to see play. All those come into play more than the divorce. ... Our season was a disaster and the offseason has been controversial. That's likely to be the case any time you lose 99 games. Sometimes these transitions are difficult but worthwhile over the long haul."

At the same, Jake Peavy is moving  closer and closer to opening the season with the Padres:

"Right now we're not actively pursuing a trade for Jake," Alderson said. "We'd consider (an offer), but right now it's more likely he's our starting pitcher on Opening Day. ... The fans are an important part of the equation. But we said we wouldn't trade Jake unless it made baseball sense."

Would the Padres rethink that once Rafael Furcal officially returns to the Atlanta Braves? Furcal can play both second and short, but Yunel Escobar, Atlanta's shortstop, would be the starting point for Peavy talks once again, not Kelly Johnson, the second baseman.

It's going to be a long 2009 season for the Padres.


The Colorado Rockies will play two games in Las Vegas to end Spring Training. Start working on those poker faces, guys.