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Sunday Rockpile: Fuentes Falling Back to Rockies price range?

Buster Olney has had a couple of blog posts the last two days that include the Rockies as a possibility to re-sign Brian Fuentes. Fuentes' agent said that the left-hander wouldn't want to come back to Denver, and the team has moved, signing Alan Embree and Glendon Rusch for instance, as though they've already moved on as well, so it's pretty obvious to me that this idea doesn't really have much merit to it, but it's a slow Sunday otherwise so I'm putting it out there.

I mentioned a Ken Rosenthal report in the comments to yesterday's Rockpile that the Rockies might also be interested in Braden Looper to fill out the competition for the last rotation slot, but apparently Looper is close to signing with Milwaukee, which is sort of disappointing in that of all the names mentioned in connection with the Rockies for this slot, Tim Redding, Jason Marquis, Josh Fogg, for instance, Looper seemed like the highest grade.

I've been working on some other posts, one of which I hoped to have finished by this morning, but it's clear now that wasn't to be. I'll try and have something up later.