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Wednesday Rockpile: Garrett Atkins to stay with the Colorado Rockies?

Thomas Harding runs down what the Rockies will look to do at the Winter Meetings this week:

  • Find a left-handed reliever: Joe Beimel, Alan Embree, Will Ohman, and Eddie Guardado are names we've heard before, but Trever Miller, Mike Maroth, and Ron Villone are new ones.

Well, Trever Miller may be a St. Louis Cardinal at some point. He did reach an agreement in principal with the team, but it hasn't become official yet. Cardinals' GM John Mozeliak doesn't believe Miller's arrival in St. Louis is inevitable. This century, Miller has been a good pitcher for two seasons (2004 with the Blue Jays and 2006 with the Astros) and out of baseball for two seasons (2001-02). According to ERA+, Miller was slightly better than average in some of the other years (102 in 2003, 107 in 2005, 107 in 2008). The less said about 2000 and 2007 the better. Mike Maroth, 21-game loser in 2003, didn't pitch in the majors in 2008. Ron Villone, a Rockie in 2001, is Ron Villone

  • Try to find buyers for Willy Taveras, Yorvit Torrealba, and possibly Huston Street.

It seems hard to imagine at this point that someone out there will trade for Torrealba, but we do know at least Kenny Williams is interested in Taveras. Or, at least he was at one point this offseason. If Taveras is traded, look to find the Rockies and Scott Podsednik reach a quick deal for 2009. I'd like to keep Street, but if the right deal comes along it maybe too hard to say no to.

  • Decide on Garrett Atkins' future with the Rockies.

The decision appears to be made for Dan O'Dowd, according to Troy Renck. While the Reds and Twins have been the two teams he has discussed trade proposals for Atkins over the last month, O'Dowd hasn't bitten on any trade. Maybe that frontline starter will become available during the Winter Meetings. If it doesn't and Atkins stays with the Rockies, Ian Stewart's role with the team continues to float in the air. A return to the minors isn't happening, so left field or second base. Once way or another, I want to see Ian Stewart in the starting lineup on Opening Day.


If you're a Rockies season-ticket holder, you can attend their first Fanfest at the end of January.