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Thursday Rockpile: Rockies slowly breaking in to Phoenix for the Spring

Bullets galore today.

  • The Rockies are set to play fifteen games in the Phoenix area next Spring, this actually suits me just fine, were I ever to get back out to AZ, as there's just not a whole lot going on around Hi Corbett to pass the time in between baseball related activities. In Phoenix, there's considerably more, including even more baseball related activities at other complexes. I think the writing's pretty much on the wall that the Rockies will be playing all of their games in the Phoenix area in the not too distant future. 
  • Khalil Greene traded to St. Louis for two unnamed minor league relievers. San Diego's breakup is finally starting to take shape.
  • Vancouver's The Province had a Larry Walker Q & A:

Q: Do you do any coaching now and do you see yourself managing some day?

A: Managing is a definite no. Coaching is a possibility. For 20 years I was always travelling and right now it's good to be home with the kids. I've enjoyed the last three years doing that. For the last three years I was at spring training with the Cardinals. I'll likely do that this spring and in March we have the WBC up in Toronto and I'll be coaching Team Canada during that. As far as coaching at the major league level, it's a possibility. I just don't when the right time is.

  • The Rockies search for a LOOGY with benefits continues after Trever Miller signed with the Cardinals.
  • This Date in Rockies History: Tells us to beware of free agent pitchers signed today. December 4, 1997, we signed Darryl Kile, in 2000 on this date, we signed Denny Neagle. Given that, if all future pitcher signings on the fourth of December are as innocuous as the most recent one, I think we can count it as a win.
  • On my plate for this weekend as far as blogging goes will be an exploration of the four NL West contenders' benches and near ready minor league depth, which I hope to have up by this afternoon/evening. For Friday, besides the Rockpile, I'll try and organize all my recent musings on the state of the division into a summary of each team's weaknesses and what (if anything) they're doing this winter to address said weak points and some quick analysis about how effective that's going to be. Uhm, Saturday will be some serious stuff about really important things (okay, so my plan has some weak points) and on Sunday, I'll be working out some player comments for the Hardball Times Season Preview 2009, so I'll probably ask for some input on a few that I'm up in the air about prognosticating.