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Thursday Pebble Report: New Casper pitching coach; Blackmon honored


  • The Rockies hired Craig Bjornson from the Dodgers organization to replace Eduardo Villacis as the pitching coach at their lowest level minor league affiliate in Casper. The Ghosts pitchers as a team had their best showing relative to the Pioneer League since 2002 last season, but player development in a system like Colorado's necessitates that there's a steady stream of individual breakouts (such as the one that occurred with Brandon Hynick in 2006); let's hope Bjornson's able to draw out the talents of pitchers he's given to work with.
  • Charlie Blackmon was named a Topps All-Star for his work at Tri-City. I should go back and check for their single A selections, as I sort of wrote this award off after they passed up Dexter Fowler for some Padres scrub. Charlie is deserving, though, so congratulations.
  • In a brief and admittedly incomplete Winter League update, Franklin Morales started for the first time since November 19 on Tuesday, with a much better outing than that last one. He gave up three runs in six and a third innings, but a total of seven baserunners (just two walks, five hits) and an 8/7 GO/FO rate is more in line with what we'd like to see from him. He struck out four. Carlos Gonzalez hasn't played in Venezuela since November 21, I'm not sure why. Jonathan Herrera has been playing, but not very well lately