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Tuesday Rockpile: The Rockies have names aplenty.

Here are some bullets:

  • Glendon Rusch and the Colorado Rockies are close to a deal for the 2009 season. Troy Renck says Rusch wants his role clarified on the team before he signs the deal, but agrees that the deal is going to happen. Renck also reports that if Willy Taveras isn't traded he'll be non-tendered.

Rusch is going to be the swingman for the Rockies in 2009, so I'm not sure what he needs clarified. The money is nowhere near what Kip Wells was given last year, a good thing.

  • Patrick Saunders reports: Dan O'Dowd will look into a long-term deal with Ubaldo Jimenez once the new year comes around, but not for Chris Iannetta. The team wants to see what Iannetta can do in a full year as the starting catcher.

And Manny Corpas got his contract after a full season as the closer--whoops, that  didn't happen. I think it's better to wait on long-term contracts for both.

  • In the last link, Dan O'Dowd has high praise for Seth Smith:

“He probably has the best swing mechanics of anybody on our team,” O’Dowd said. “I wouldn’t be shocked if he went out and hit 20 homers.”

And if he wins and keeps the job in left field. He'll face competition from Ian Stewart, who'll also receive som playing time at second, and Carlos Gonzalez, who'll compete at all three outfield positions.

Redding was decent in 2003 and all right for the half a season he played in 2007, but other than that. . . . thanks, but no thanks.

Well, Brian Fuentes will have one less suitor if this deal goes down. Supposedly the Indians are interested in Fuentes. The downside on that is, the Rockies would receive the Indians' second-round pick since they have the 15th pick in the draft.