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Friday Morning Rockpile:

It's the first of February, which can mean only one thing. Dreams of Opening Day will become more frequent (take a look at oo nrb's diary to the right).

Count Matt Holliday and Troy Tulowitzki as fans of Jayson Nix taking the second base job during Spring Training. Unless Nix doesn't record a single hit during spring training, it seems that player opinion will be focused on having the best defense on the field instead of having a strong bat playing the field (if Nix can't do both). In the article, Atkins says that defense will be a deciding factor in who plays second, so we can probably pencil him in as a Nix fan. And for our star shortstop, we know how much he cares about defense that it isn't surprising that he wants to continue turning those double plays with only the best defenders on the field.

Tracy Ringolsby goes into why the Rockies won't necessarily look to sign Manny Corpas right now. But as Jeff Bridich said at the Denver SABR meeting, the Rockies expect Corpas to go through the struggles of a closer.

Ringolsby also answers a question on where the Rockies will be picked to finish in the NL West this season. He sees most pundits choosing the Rockies to finish third or fourth, but also provides the Las Vegas odds for the Rockies (and the Padres and Dodgers) winning the World Series at 22-1. In the words of a rogue and a scoundrel, "Never tell me the odds!" Though if you are going to put some money down on the Super Bowl, you should read this.

The Rockies won't sign Brian Anderson. If he did join the Rockies, he would have followed the Brian Lawrence path from last year.

Twins fans, have no fear! You just lost Johan Santana, but could add the "Dragonslayer" once Santana signs his extension with the Mets.