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Tuesday Morning Rockpile:

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In addition to the new contract he signed, Garrett Atkins was in the Under Armour Super Bowl commercial. Check it out here. Go to :43 on the counter to see the appearance the article mentions. He may also appear around :34 also.

Josh Fogg continues to float out there in the free agent market. The Orioles? No, they brought in Steve Trachsel yet again. The Twins, who may not have had any serious interest in bringing Fogg into the fold? Will announce the signing of Livan Hernandez today, maybe. And the Rockies? Well, according to the first link in this post, Fogg hasn't received any calls from the Rockies. Fogg wound up as a source of jokes here for two years, but he really should be on a roster by now. More so than Steve Trachsel.

Baseball Digest Daily's Rob McQuown previews the Rockies, seeing a drop-off at second base, a slight improvement at catcher, a rotation that will get better in the second half, and a bullpen that will be about as effective as it was last year. Definitely a contender for the NL West title. And it's 2008, quit with the references to that USA Today piece from 2006.

Irv Moss writes about the steal of the '98 draft and Pat Daugherty, then scouting director for the Rockies. In addition to Roney and Freeman, players the Rockies drafted and signed from the '98 draft and no longer with the Rockies are P Jermaine Van Buren (toiled in the minors for a few seasons, went to Indy ball, has made 16 appearances over the last two season for the Cubs and the A's), OF Jody Gerut (along with Josh Bard, he was sent to the Indians for Jacob Cruz in 2001), P Luke Hudson (sent to the Reds with Gabe White for Dennys Reyes and Pokey Reese in 2001), and OF Juan Pierre (went to the Marlins with some guy named Mike Hampton). Thank you, Matt Holliday.