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Herges, Hill, express regret for getting caught using PED's

I'm sorry, somebody had to say it after the PR blitz down the left sidebar (here's an example). I'm a fan of both Herges and Hill as players and as people and like a lot of people think they deserve forgiveness for making dumb mistakes in the past, but there's always something a little disingenuous to me about issuing apologies like this long after the damage has been done. Both statements being released simultaneously also imply to me that these public written apologies probably were required by the league to avoid or lessen possible suspensions rather than being sincere expressions of remorse to me, you or any other Rockies fan.

Do I think they regret using PED's? Absolutely, I'm sure there are plenty of kernels of truth in each of their statements. Do I think they really care about what Rockies fans think about it, though? I'm not convinced.