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Sunday Morning Rockpile:

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Apparently, Garrett Atkins' role in the field this season will be to stand there and look pretty while Tulo covers that ground as well as the shortstop's. It's such a funny story that it's shown up in multiple articles this weekend.

As to real happenings, Tulo has high hopes for Jayson Nix winning the second base job, but he also likes Barmes' work ethic. Whether arriving early to get some extra time in the cages or in the field will work for Baker and Barmes, Jayson Nix will definitely feel the pressure early on to establish himself as the man for the job.

OK, OK, which one of you hugged Hurdle at the 16th Street Mall in Denver during the offseason? With the home opener selling out in 30 minutes and season-ticket sales increasing this winter than in previous ones, maybe there should be more spontaneous hugs for Hurdle and the guys. Just don't go jumping on to the field to do it. No one wants the game to be delayed.

In an effort to help his chances to make the team, Josh Towers will attempt to add a split-fingered fastball to his repertoire. As he already throws two different fastballs, maybe the third one will be his lucky charm in pursuit of a rotation spot. Or maybe his 4-1/2-year-old should receive a chance to make the rotation. Can everyone say Rookie of the Year?

You have to wonder, was Tulo born with a bat in his hand?

This is not a joke.