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Tuesday Morning Rockpile:

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With just half of a season of pro ball under his belt, Casey Weathers has already received the red carpet treatment from his teammates. However, instead of answering questions on the carpet, Weathers sang "Happy Birthday to You" to Aaron Cook. Cook turned 29 on 8 February. Depending on how things work out later this season, Weathers may actually turn out to be Corpas' red carpet.

One thing we'll want to watch as Spring Training progresses is how the pitchers and catchers deal with runners. Torrealba says his shoulder feels strong and Jimenez has watched video to make adjustments that will help him keep runners in check.

Cory Sullivan vs. Scott Podsednik -- Who do you have? In more interesting news, Iannetta will step to the plate with a different focus now. His plan of attack is still to be patient, but also swing a bit earlier in the count.

As the footnote in that article mentions, Todd Helton and the Rockies will appear in more TV ads this season. 2007 had some good ones.

If Jason Hirsh can return to the form he displayed in his two starts before he went down with a fractured fibula, the Rockies will have a rejuvenated fourth starter.

In former Rockies news, Shawn Chacon is close to a deal with the Astros. And for a guy who was a Rockie for a far shorter period of time than Chacon, Eric Byrnes' "Shaggin' Wagon" had a suspended license plate.