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Friday Morning Rockpile:

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While yesterday the word was that Chris Iannetta would be sent down to the Springs to catch regularly, that may not be so:

While the Rockies expect Yorvit Torrealba and Chris Iannetta to be on the roster come opening day, Bellorin could be there if Iannetta fails to find his swing this spring.

"If Chris is struggling and we decided that Chris would benefit from going back to Triple-A, that could happen," general manager Dan O'Dowd said Thursday. "We have a lot of faith in Edwin. He's got all the tools of a solid, No. 2 major-league catcher."

Well, the backup catcher's position should have better competition than it did last year when Javy Lopez was in camp (though ostensibly Lopez was competing for the starting position). If Iannetta doesn't struggle and sticks with the team, does it really benefit him to sit on the bench instead of playing everyday in the minors? Bellorin's still a bit of a mystery since he wound up with an injured hamstring in his first major league start and spent the next month or so on the DL.

There's also a bunch of articles on the lineup. Troy Renck believes the Rockies' group of five "will dent more ERAs" as does Mark Redman at the end of the piece. The others concern the batting order and this one tells us outright everything we've expected for some time now:

  1. Willy T
  2. Tulo
  3. Holliday
  4. Helton
  5. Atkins
  6. Hawpe
  7. Torrealba
  8. 2B
  9. P

That last link is really a story about Podsednik and Sullivan. If you're looking to have a starting outfield of underachieving, former highly paid players, Pods would be one in left field. And if he has any chance of making the team:

"He's got to be able to play center field, go get the ball," Hurdle said. "He's got to put the barrel on the ball, move it around, put it on the ground, stay healthy, steal some bases."

In other words, he has to play baseball, right?