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Saturday Morning Rockpile:

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In yesterday's comments, I pointed out an article that puts Ubaldo Jimenez among the games hardest throwers. I want to focus on one in particular, Matt Cain, as I don't know if people realize how similar these two pitchers are in the types of pitches they use and their velocity. So similar, in fact, that Cain is Jimenez's top comp according to Josh Kalk's similarity scores based on data culled from MLB's PITCHf/x feature in enhanced GameDay.

Cain is already considered one of the elite pitching talents in the game, and if Jimenez can approach his command, he too could become one. Their similarities actually go beyond the pitcher's mound, both are abysmal batters and somewhat -but not totally- coincidentally had the lowest run support among their teams' starters.

Jayson Nix is driven to succeed after a long slow climb through the Rockies minor league system. So long and slow that many, myself included, had all but given up on his chances of making an impact with an MLB team a year ago at this time. His perseverance, I'm sure and I hope, is an inspiration to other players biding their time in the system. At any rate, between him and Jeff Baker, it's hard to come to a conclusion on who want as a fan to win out more. Obviously, it's great news for the Rockies if they both are ready to be successful as everyday big-leaguers, but some good person is going to wind up getting disappointed here and I don't look forward to that.