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Sunday Morning Rockpile:

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  • Troy Renck, Jim Armstrong, and Patrick Saunders sat down for a roundtable discussion on the Rockies. Jim Armstrong wouldn't be surprised if the Rockies make a run at a FA pitcher during July to put them over the top. I guess Armstrong really means a FA-pitcher-to-be via trade, because any free agent pitcher out there in July won't require any of the extra money the Rockies will take in as a result of appearing in the World Series last season. Though, having to trade for a pitcher to put the team over the top would seem to imply that someone in the back three spots failed to perform up to expectations.

    They also discuss the lineup and who poses the biggest threat in the NL West (hint: it's not the Giants).

  • Matt Holliday makes a joke:
    Matt Holliday, amused by the trash talking between the Mets and Phillies, joked, "I think we should be the favorite in the NL East."

    Will Jimmy Rollins accuse Holliday of plagiarism after saying that?
  • Clint Barmes is taking grounders at third. He believes he'll see some time in the outfield as he also competes for a utility spot in addition to the second base job. Baker received praise from Hurdle after some double play drills.
  • John Sickels examines Chris Iannetta:
    Basically, if they let Iannetta play, I think he will bounce back just fine [. . .] I think I overreacted to the gaudy numbers at Tulsa. In retrospect, I think my earlier assessment of Iannetta back in 2006 was the right one: he's a .250-.260 hitter (neutral park) in the majors, with enough walks for a nice OBP, some power, and solid glovework. Not a star, but a solid guy.

    That's always the catch: if he plays.