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Monday Morning Rockpile:

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Sorry I'm running a bit late this morning, I'll be short on content too, for now:

The Rockies official site has articles on both Omar Quintanilla and Marcus Giles in their bids to win the second base job. Q's working on his bat, Giles is just working.

Brad Hawpe's gained ten pounds over the offseason and it sure doesn't look like the donut variety from the pictures and video accompanying Troy Renck's article. It's the same story as it's always been with Brad, if he can take that next step against LHP's, look out.

Patrick Saunders' notes column at the Post has a bit of a no confidence (for right now, at least) vote for Franklin Morales from the coaching staff, info that Edwin Bellorin will see some time at first as well as at catcher this Spring and a bit about Greg Reynolds strong appearance in live BP.