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Tuesday Morning Rockpile: It Can't Be Wednesday Soon Enough

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We're just a day away from some baseball action. Jeff Francis, in addition to being named the Opening Say starter, will start tomorrow's Cactus League opener and pitch for two innings. Fifth starter candidates Josh Towers and Mark Redman will follow Francis. Towers should unveil his new split-fingered fastball on the White Sox. John Koronka and Ryan Speier are also scheduled to appear in tomorrow's game.

We might see Hurdle flip Holliday and Helton for tomorrow's game. This coming not even a week after Hurdle told reporters that he wants his best hitter in the three hole. Neither player seems all that concerned with experimenting with the change, and this isn't like saying Nix will bat eighth and then have him bat cleanup.

Maybe tomorrow we'll also be able to judge how loose the team is. Loose on the the base paths, not loose in attitude (unless someone did invent that looseness scale over the last week).

So, enjoy this video while we wait for the game. Or not.