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2008 Spring Training Game 1! Francis vs. Danks

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There is no team we own like the Chicago White Sox when we face them in the Spring. They are our Washington Generals, whose existence merely seems to be in place to build the Rockies confidence heading into the season. We've won ten in a row against the Cactus Sox, and I don't want to have this streak end today.

As to who the Rockies will face from the South-siders, we know that Jerry Owens is out and Andy Sisco is in, apparently or maybe just John Danks disguised as Sisco. At any rate, here's their lineup:

Jason Bourgeois, cf
Orlando Cabrera ss
Jim Thome dh
Paul Konerko 1b
Jermaine Dye rf
A.J. Pierzynski c
Josh Fields 3b
Juan Uribe 2b
Brian Anderson lf
John Danks p

Yeay for Baseball!!!! Go Rockies!