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Wednesday Morning Rockpile:

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I know it doesn't count, but thank the heavens we have a baseball game to watch this afternoon. I'll have a game thread up shortly hereafter.
Let's see, so far the Rockies have had "he's in the best shape of his life," also "he's added twenty pounds of muscle," "the team's the loosest I've seen" and a few other Spring training cliches that typically prove more mythical than real when it comes to performance during the season. Add one more, as we have our first report of a pitcher adding a pitch. Manny Corpas is tinkering with a changeup. New pitches are something I typically want to see in action before I get giddy, as more often than not they end up back on the scrap heap come April. Corpas' command of his two standard pitches -that biting fastball and hard slider- has been a recent development, so maybe learning the change while he was rising through the system wasn't going to happen while he couldn't harness the good stuff, but I'm still going to be a little bit of a skeptic on the change-up until I see how he's going to insert it into his repertoire.

At any rate, all of the projections say that Manny's in line for a step off from his 2007 season this summer. How much he declines might mean the difference between whether he's just one of the best relievers in Rockies history or one of the best relievers in history, period. If he does maintain the same level of dominance in 2008, the Rockies should with haste look to locking him into an extension.


The Rockies could become the third Tucson trained team to win the World Series in eight years if they get and finish the job this season. I'm rooting that this is the scenario that gets Tucson this distinction over the other two possibilities.


Rockies pitchers went through a rite of passage last October that has made them so much more viable to the mainstream media now, even if they're essentially the same pitchers they were in September, I mean minus the Dragonslayer and Hawk, of course. It's nice to be thought of as a threat, however, and I get a kick with headlines like: Rockies young starters are playoff tested, ready for 2008.