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Friday Morning Rockpile:

Are the Rockies and D'Backs on the path to a true rivalry? Mark Kiszla writes that the two are. Helton's nowhere close to calling it a rivalry, but everyone's favorite player, Eric Byrnes, believes the NL West's stepchildren have a rivalry after the NLCS. Another series or two in the playoffs and then we can start talking a real rivalry. Or maybe have a few bench-clearing brawls this season. That may prove Orlando Hudson's statement true:

"Even people on the East Coast might stay up a little later and watch the Diamondbacks and Rockies on television."

Oh, wait, a game between the two would actually need to be televised on the East Coast for that to happen. Hudson must mean in the playoffs again.


Tulo might appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated with Justin Upton and Ryan Braun if the three can get together on March 13 when the Brewers come to Tucson. Good idea?

Now that Corpas has a new deal, Tulo hopes Atkins and Holliday will receive their extensions. Dick Monfort says the team's main concern now is what to do with the guys in the minor leagues who are on the cusp of making the majors. Ian Stewart and Seth Smith are the two main guys in that category, and Tracy Ringolsby looks at those two players and the guy who is the subject of the big decision.


Also of note in the last link is that five of the Rockies' six minor league player development contracts will be up at the end of the season. Might the Rockies be interested in Albuquerque as their Triple-A affiliate?


Don't know what to make of this story yet (found it at AZ Snakepit). It appears that some members of the Rockies and D'Backs have participated in some wild antics at a Denver social club:

But the woman said downtown lawyers, money managers and businessmen were just part of the clientele. She said "doctors ... general contractors ... professional athletes" also patronized the prostitution service, which usually charged about $300 for an hour of sex. "Nuggets basketball players ... Arizona Diamondbacks ... Rockies baseball players" and some Denver Broncos were customers she said.

Emphasis added. If those names are released . . .


The Rockies take on the Mexico City today. Ubaldo Jimenez, Dexter Fowler, and Michael McKenry will start the game. No radio or TV, though.