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Sunday Morning Rockpile:

Willy Taveras will need to be healthy for the entire season if he hopes to be the table-setter for the team. And he sounds supremely confident in that and other things:

"People should pick us to win the division," the 26-year-old Taveras said. "Look around. Look at our pitching. Look at our defense. And we could have five guys with 100 RBIs? Huh? Are you kidding me."


"My goal is to play 140 games, to get close to 600 at-bats. [...]" Taveras said, before cautioning, "If I steal 100 and we don't win it won't matter."

So, when Hurdle says he "will make baserunning a priority this spring," it better be in a judicious manner. The last thing we need to witness during Spring Training is Willy T or Tulo attempting to steal a base and wind up injured.


The Rockies still have some interest in Shawn Chacon, as Charlie Monfort wanted to talk with Chacon yesterday at the Friends of Baseball breakfast at Island Grove Regional Park in Greeley. Unwilling to go longer than one year? Sounds about right.

Also, Charlie Monfort said:

"Let's get the Super Bowl over and start talking baseball."

Let's watch the Giants win, no--stay competitive, no--get blown out, no--against the Patriots tonight. Well, it's one of those, but who wants to see the people of New England celebrate another championship so soon after the last one?