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Monday Morning Rockpile:

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What does the Giants Super Bowl victory have to do with the Rockies run to and through the NL playoffs last season? I'd personally be on the side of "not much" or maybe even "nothing whatsoever," but for a certain segment of society, and by segment of society I mean one strange and sadly bitter blogger over at Bugs and Cranks, apparently the events are related in some twisted fashion. According to him, by beating us mecilessly into the ground in the World Series, Boston's baseball team saved the world from the same sort of travesty it must now confront with the phrase "World Champion Giants". Now I know what you're thinking, because I thought it too at first. This guy's just another M-hole who talks funny and got his driver's license at a chowdah baw, but no, looking through his old posts he's actually a Rays fan. That explains the bitterness at least, and possibly the crazy aspect as well.

This kind of hate is actually looking good for us. Dex at Gaslamp Ball has us as his #2 most hated team. As sports fans we revert to our high school selves where peers only hate you if you're really hot or if you just think you're really hot. I figure that means we've got at least a fifty-fifty chance of being really hot.

AZ Snakepit has an interesting chart comparing Colorado and Arizona attendance over the Snakes' lifetime as a franchise. It's interesting to me to note that even with the two teams' successes last season, they both only drew at 2004 levels. Part of that over on this side was masses buying into the anti-hype of the Rockies being a substandard team still, and the fact that our team's best work was saved for the end of the season. This year the figures should be much higher for both teams, obviously we're hoping for that tiny gap we had on them to grow. Of course, raw attendance counts don't always give a complete picture of what's going on. Both teams have sold heavily discounted tickets at outside vendors such as King Soopers to boost paid attendance figures. One of Woody Paige's favorite tropes to attack the team early last season was how the announced attendance always seemed exaggerated to what he was seeing in the stands. I doubt that will be written as frequently this year, but it bears watching.