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Tuesday Morning Rockpile:

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The Rockies continue to negotiate with Atkins, Fuentes, and Hawpe in order to avoid hearings later this month.

And as the main part of that article informs us, Josh Fogg has a new suitor. First, the Reds wanted Fogg, but then the Mariners and Orioles discussed a trade involving Adam Jones and Erik Bedard. So the Mariners wanted Fogg in case the trade fell through, which it did at the time. Nothing happened with Fogg. Then the Twins finally pulled the trigger on a Santana trade some days later, and it appeared as if the Twins have interest in Fogg. Now there are reports that the Twins have little interest in Fogg and would prefer to go with a young rotation backed up by a veteran bullpen. With the Bedard-to-Seattle deal back on, does that leave Fogg to be an Oriole soon? The free agent market is one dragon Fogg hasn't slain yet.

If you're a young player who had success in the past few seasons, this was probably a dream off season for you. Curtis Granderson signed a five-year, $30.25M deal with the Tigers yesterday. This past season's quadruple 20 surely helped spur this deal along.

And something funny to close with: Don't call the Tampa Bay Rays "the Tampa Bay Devil Rays" because the Tampa Bay Devil Rays will send you a letter telling you that you shouldn't call the Tampa Bay Rays "the Tampa Bay Devil Rays". Otherwise, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays request that you donate to the Rays Baseball Foundation.