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Thursday Morning Rockpile:

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Bullet point edition:

Tom Tango breaks down shortstop fielding aging curves. The conclusion seems to be that shortstops reach their fielding peak in their mid-20's, so it would figure we have at least a couple more seasons of optimal Tulo.

Speaking of Tulo, he recently played in the LBSU alumni game and Bob Keisser writes a nice article demonstrating how low key he keeps things off the field.

Rototimes' Ray Flowers previews the Rockies choosing Morales, Jimenez and Corpas as breakout candidates. Good choices, Ray.

I missed this in the Rocky Mountain News' business section yesterday, but the team is converting nine luxury suites into the RocHenge, one monstrous super-suite on the first base side at Coors Field. The math (up to $30,000 to reserve the space) seems to indicate it should be quite a revenue generator. Also mentioned in the article is a plan to sell "loaded tickets" which include credits for concessions. Hopefully all of this helps the Rockies keep up with some of there better heeled peers.

Because of last October's World Series ticket fiasco, Colorado lawmakers are considering legislation outlawing ticket-bots, malicious programs that were blamed for the computer crash that frustrated so many of us. If I never have to see this again,

To improve your ticket-buying experience and to make it as pleasant as possible, this site permits entry to a limited number of patrons at a time.

This page will refresh when the countdown timer below reaches zero. When this happens, the system will automatically try to access the site again.

then I will say our legislators accomplished something very good in their time in office.