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Friday Morning Rockpile:

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The Arizona Daily Star looks at images of Tucson from years gone by, and today the 1993 Rockies are the subject of the feature (if you're asked to register, just click here to view the picture). Boxes and boxes of baseball equipment. It's only seven days and a few hours until pitchers and catchers report. Can't the time go by any faster? Thomas Harding's Spring Training quick hits might help.

Tracy Ringolsby has this piece on Tulo, focusing on his leadership and intangibles. And as the "Tulo-meter" continues to rise, even critic Jay Sherman won't be able to give Tulo a zero on the Shermometer.

In his weekly Friday entry, Ringolsby answers a question on Chris Nelson and offers a possible rotation for the Sky Sox this season.

A few weeks ago, David Pinto looked at the Rockies' offense for 2008 using the Lineup Analysis tool, and here there was discussion on the merits of this projection. Well, whatever you think about the projections Pinto's been running for the entire league, the one for the Giants is more than likely in line with what you're already thinking about that lineup: bad.