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Saturday Morning Rockpile:

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Matt Holliday has been visiting his dad in North Carolina, and he talked with the local newspaper about drug testing, about wanting a long term contract, and about the prospects of facing Dan Haren.

The fact that Keith Foulke signed with the Athletics could be a minor plus for the Rockies as it means that two of our rivals, Arizona and San Diego, didn't get him. Now, you might be asking yourself why two of the best bullpens in baseball would be in the mix for Keith Foulke. I was kind of asking myself that at least. I'm guessing the answer is "volume".

Speaking of Arizona, Jim over at the Snakepit had a post the other day which pointed to this USA Today piece of 100 names to know in baseball this year. The Rockies have three of the top 25 in Morales, Jimenez and Nix, but zilch after that. Apparently the nation's newspaper hasn't caught on to Greg Reynolds or Casey Weathers yet.

Oh, and speaking of the Snakepit, I finally got around to e-mailing Jim regarding paying off that ill conceived Rodrigo Lopez vs Livan Hernandez bet last season, and he's suggested making February 14 into Snakepit Day here at the Row. So be prepared for a deluge of Arizona stuff for your Valentine's Day. I figure this actually will work out well, as it's guaranteed to not be my most bitter memory for that day.