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Tuesday Morning Rockpile:

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The Angels aren't the only team interested in trading for Clint Barmes. The Orioles would want him to start if he became available. Considering the competition the Orioles have there right now, it wouldn't be too hard for Barmes to be the Opening Day shortstop. Luis Hernandez had 69 AB for the Orioles last season with a .662 OPS, and his highest in the minors was .694 in 2004 when he was in the Braves organization. He hit .242..276.316 over 92 games for Double-A Bowie last season. Brandon Fahey can play a number of positions, and with Freddie Bynum out the O's do need a utility player also. Back in February, the O's did have interest in former Rockies Juan Uribe, still with the White Sox.

The one player you won't see traded anytime soon is Brian Fuentes, as Dan O'Dowd says (in the above link) there is "zero chance" he would trade him now. Yep, a Yankees scout was at yesterday's game. The Yankees will check back in July.

Greg Reynolds isn't upset about being part of the first cut. He and his other fellow cuts will focus on getting into a rhythm since they'll receive more regular work now that they're in minor league camp. He's "hoping" to compete for a spot Colorado Springs' rotation, but he doesn't really need that hope. It's as close to a given as possible.

Mark Redman enjoys playing in 'B' games because of the start times. Or maybe it's a result of throwing four scoreless innings yesterday morning and still not having issued a walk yet.

Is this really the best look for Troy? At least Spilly's look fits his personality.