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Spring Training Game #18:

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By this point in the Spring, most players will be turning in performances that are more regular season in nature. New pitches that didn't work will get scrapped, plays will be run out at close to full speed, and starters (thanks to the cuts that had just been made) tend to stay in the games longer. The performances mean a bit more this week, in other words, and problems that cropped up earlier should be mostly corrected by now.

Ubaldo Jimenez pitches against the Rangers, with Manny Corpas and Brian Fuentes also figuring to see some work.

No audio or video, you can access Gameday from the entry page, or I'm sure somebody has the url to go directly to it (here).

Both Scott Podsednik and Cory Sullivan figure to see a lot of AB's today, batting first and second, as Hurdle needs to make the decision. Ian Stewart plays third and Omar Quintanilla short in a possible preview of Colorado Springs' left side of the infield.