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What Did Brad Hawpe Do Right Before Spring Training? - A Photo Story

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[editor's note, by Russ] Photos are courtesy of Easton Sports. The captions are mine.

In the days leading up to Spring Training, Brad Hawpe filmed commercial spots for Easton products at Palos Verdes High School in Palos Verdes Estates, California. He also took some time to give tips to a few guys on the baseball team.

Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier of the Dodgers joined Hawpe during the shoot. Hawpe really wanted to show the high schoolers how to hit. Carlos Zambrano threw BP during the shoot.

But first Hawpe waited his turn as he watched others swing the bat.

"Here's a proper batting stance," Hawpe told the young guys.

"Eye on the ball at all times," he reminded them.

"If you do everything right, the ball should soar over the fence," he said.